Fantasy Cluster


Coordinates on theUpLiftWorld: 3850,450

Below is a collection of pictures and videos from our Fantasy Cluster location.  If you’d like to play on this land then after you’ve logged onto Minecraft via theUpLiftWorld go to these coordinates:  3850,450. 

 Check back for scheduled events and prizes that we’ll have on our lands!  In addition to when I have uploaded videos, including “HOW TO” videos.

If you’re interested in joining the community and learning how to play to earn then check out the links below for more details about theUpLiftWorld.

We Look forward to seeing you there!  Have a MAGICAL DAY!

Fantasy Cluster Pictures & Videos Library

January 2022 Pictures

January 2022 Videos

Hello everyone! 

theUpLiftWorld is a place online that you can not only have FUN but earn crypto-currency (like WAX) while you play!  How COOL is THAT!?!  This particular game is Minecraft.  The blockchain community is constantly growing and adding new stuff.  There are other games out there that you can play to earn.  However, the stuff I will be sharing is from Minecraft on theUpLiftWorld.  If you’d like to learn more on how YOU can join in the fun, then click the two links below.  One is to their website and the other is to their YouTube Channel.


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theUpLifters (YouTube)

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