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A Gemini’s Playground

Hello Everyone and welcome to my website!

I am your typical Gemini, which means that I have multiple interests. I created this website to share some of those interests (Entertainment, working w/animals, playing games, Homeschooling tips, etc.) and give encouragement to others who may be struggling in this world. Remember – NEVER give up and NEVER lose hope or faith.

I have chronic Lyme disease w/multiple co-infections and a body that is aging… which means I’m having age related physical issues. I’m going thru, “THE CHANGE!” It’s weird, I feel younger than my body… but apparently, my body hasn’t gotten the memo. Where has the time gone?

OK, so you will see that my site is NOT finished. On top of dealing with my health issues, I have several other things on my plate. I’m a Homeschooling Mother and a Wife who takes care of a small farm with my family. On my off time, I am working to get my first online course for Homeschooler interested in learning about animals. You can learn more about that at my other website, GeminiOasis.com.

Feel free to look around. Bare with me, I am slow… BUT… I have a LOT of COOL and FUN things planned for here and my channels (YouTube & Rumble). SO… Stay tuned for MORE! Thanks again for visiting!

God Bless!

Always Be Grateful For The Good Things God Has Put In Your Life!